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Ms. Nikki, Owner and Founder of Grace and Zen:

Hi! I'm Ms. Nikki. I'm on a mission to help form a more loving future generation who is physically, mentally and emotionally strong. I want to spread the benefits of yoga and dance to children everywhere, through my K-5 Kid's Yoga Curriculum for Schools, and through my Licensing Opportunity that allows individuals anywhere to open their own Grace + Zen mobile business.


Since starting Grace + Zen in 2015, I have personally taught thousands of kid's yoga and dance classes in my studio and schools all throughout California. I quickly learned that while I love my brick and mortar studio, I was doing more of a service to my community by expanding my mobile business and bringing Grace + Zen classes to local schools, parks, and community centers. I quickly expanded into new territories through teams of hired teachers. I realized the potential was huge, which is when I thought of the ideas to put everything I know onto paper, and formed the licensing and curriculum ideas.


My Background:

Prior to opening Grace + Zen, I worked in Marketing/Public Relations in San Francisco and Orange County. I also spent a few years teaching children's dance and yoga, and managed the office at one of the studios I taught at. In 2009 I earned a Bachelor's Degree from CSU, Chico in Public Relations with a minor in Dance, and a concentrated 'theme' study in Contemporary Health Issues.  During college I learned a lot about balance - I graduated in four years while holding a job at the University Box Office for three of those years, and seeing as I was at Chico State, I maintained a very active social life as well ;) It was during this time that I fell in love with yoga, while recovering from a knee injury that prevented me from dancing at my previous capabilities.

Throughout my young adult life I have been faced with a number of situations that were particularly tough on me mentally and emotionally. Yoga was a constant in my life that I feel helped me tremendously in holding myself together and persevering though difficult situations. On a personal note, I am so grateful to have yoga in my life.

My love for working with children came in during one college summer break where I worked as a YMCA summer camp counselor.

It should also be mentioned that I grew up as a dancer and was very involved with my high school dance, cheer and pom teams as a performer and choreographer.

I feel that all of these experiences helped contribute to forming the success of Grace + Zen, and I hope that I can now share that success with other like-minded individuals.  


Grace + Zen started as a brick and mortar studio in Orange County in 2015, and has since evolved into a mobile business so we can benefit more children, beyond our studio walls. Over the past five years, Grace + Zen has impacted thousands of children in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and the Bay Area through classes, camps and parties.


I am very excited to see the importance of mindfulness, yoga, and Social Emotional Learning being recognized in so many schools and society today. Parents, educators and health professionals are placing a lot of emphasis on these subjects to help create a future generation that is mentally and emotionally stronger than we are currently seeing. I enjoy learning as much as possible about these subjects as new information continues to come out on a daily basis. I truly believe in the power of movement, mindfulness, and social emotional learning for children, and the life changing benefits it can bring to them. I hope to be able to bring these benefits to children everywhere though Grace + Zen licensing opportunities and the curriculum I created for schools.


Currently, I live in my hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Adam, who has been on the Grace + Zen ride since the beginning, our two dogs Tux + Pixie, and our newest addition Baby Bella. I love the beach, coffee, sunshine, mexican food, being active, eating healthy, and working on/learning about anything related to Grace + Zen. My role models are my mom and Beyonce. I hope to one day inspire my daughter as much as they inspire me.


Peace + Love,

Ms. Nikki

Grace and Zen  currently offers Kids yoga and dance classes, camps and parties for a variety of ages from baby to teen in South Orange County and the San Francisco East Bay/Tri-Valley area. We cater to families in San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Alamo, Danville, and San Ramon.


Our mission is to bring the benefits of yoga and dance to as many children as possible. We are doing this through our Social Emotional Learning Children's Yoga Journal for use in school and homeschool setting, as well as with our licensed curriculum program. 


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