Own Your Own Grace + Zen Business!

Licensing Opportunity 


Yoga - Dance - Art - Camps - Birthday Parties - Girl Scout Parties - Mom and Me - Toddlers - Preschoolers 


Do these words excite you?!

Do you want to teach love and positivity to our future generation?

Do you have a passionate, entrepreneurial fire inside of you? 

If so, its time to own and build your own Grace + Zen business in your community! Choose to open our brick-and-mortar studio model, mobile model, or both! Learn a bit more about creating this meaningful, enriching program in your community below:

Hi! I'm Nikki. That's me ---> 

I created Grace and Zen in 2015 and am on a mission to spread the joys of yoga, dance and art to as many children as possible! I first had the idea a few years prior, when I was teaching dance to children and noticed how well the children took to yoga elements I was adding to class such as a simple group deep breath or break in child's pose. Owning Grace + Zen has been such an incredible, life changing experience for me. I know other creative individuals who share my passions for dance, yoga, art, and positively impacting children, would love owning their own Grace + Zen business as well. In an effort to spread the positive benefits of Grace + Zen to children far and wide, and provide a rewarding job opportunity for like-minded individuals, I've packed up what I've created into an easy to duplicate licensing opportunity.

What's A Licensing Opportunity?

  • You pay a one time Flat Upfront Fee, plus an ongoing Flat Yearly Renewal Fee. No monthly percentages of sales, etc. 

  • Build your own mobile business offering classes, camps and parties at local school, community centers, and parks, OR open your own brick and mortar studio. We currently run both models successfully and are happy to help you build either option in your community. 

  • Create your own schedule and manage from home.

  • Available all over the entire US and English Speaking Countries

  • Similar to a franchise opportunity, but you are allowed more flexibility to be creative and customize your business. It is also a much lower cost than buying into a franchise opportunity. 

What You Get:

  • Grace + Zen Branding and Business Concept

  • xx Grace + Zen Coloring Sheets, Class Materials, Four 8-week Kid's Yoga Journals, x Class Outlines, Monthly and Seasonal Pre-set playlists, party outlines, camp outlines

  • Business Support

  • Web Support

  • Social Media Support

Training and Support

Its 2019! All training and support is done virtually, which eliminates travel expenses for you, as well as wait time as to when you can open your business. All lisencees have access to downloadable and printable materials via the private lisencee portal. We will also mail you a hard copy of everything in a fun welcome package.  Initial training and ongoing support is all done via phone, email, and skype, which allows us to connect anywhere, anytime. 

Why Grace + Zen?

We've put in a lot of time and effort into building a brand and business model that is not only profitable, but easy to manage. We're taking the trial and error out of the equation for you, so you are quicker to get up and running and earn a profit.

Who Makes A Great Grace + Zen Business Owner?

Dancers, Yogis, Moms, College Students, Recent College Grads, People who love working with children, Artists, and any combination of the above!

Do you see yourself in this role? Want to learn more? Please email me! info@graceandzenoc.com

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Sample Grace + Zen Coloring Sheets

Sample Grace + Zen Kid's Yoga Journals

Camp Fun!

Mobile Party Fun!

Studio Party Fun!

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🎂 Happy Birthday Alexandra! 🎂

Example of Social Media Support

Example of Web Support

Class Materials - Grace + Zen Flashcards

Grace + Zen Owner Manual

Sample Monthly Playlist

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Ms. Nikki teaching Preschool Yoga while pregnant

On Stage or In Studio Performances and Recitals 

Grace loves to tendu! Ever wonder what t