Girl Power Yoga at Home

"Girl Power" is one of my favorite yoga themes. I LOVE teaching girls about being confident, strong, and to believe in themselves. My journey with becoming a female business owner at the age of 27 was not always easy - shocker! There were so many times when I had to remind myself to be my own number 1 fan, because if I let self-doubt take over, there's no way I would still be in business five years later.

I try to explain to young girls why they need to believe in themselves, and give examples of when having confidence is key. Whether it is a friend bullying them, their fear to give a speech in front of their class, or peer pressure, being confident helps girls stick up for themselves, push through fear, and feel comfortable saying no.

Here is a fun Girl Power Yoga class your daughter can lead friends or family in at home or at school. Leading the class herself will help build her build confidence by having to speak in front of her peers and lead the group through the class. These are a few Girl Power activities I've done over the years either at Girl Power Yoga Summer Camp, a Girl Scout Party, or After School Yoga class. Enjoy! If you try any of these things at home, let me know! Tag me on instagram @msnikkigracezen so I can have an extra smile that day :)

Step 1. "I Am Strong" Mantra: Have your group sit in a circle and say out loud "I Am Strong" five times. Each person then shares a memory of when they felt strong.

Step 2. Strength Poses: These poses build strength in your body and mind. Turn up your favorite female musician, and repeat the below sequence as many times as you'd like!

  • Warrior 2 - hold for 3 slow breaths. Then flex your arm muscles and yell "I Am Strong!"

  • Plank - hold for 3 slow breaths

  • Side Plank - hold each side for 1 breath!

  • Chair Pose - hold for 5 breaths! Bonus if you can lift your heels and balance on your toes.

  • Frog Jumps - jump up and down like a frog 5-10 times! Yell "Ribbit" each time!

  • Trataka - This ancient meditation practice builds a strong mind, training your brain to be able to focus and not get distracted. Find a battery operated tea-light, or under adult supervision use a real candle. Place the flame in the center of a seated circle and have everyone stare at the flame for as long as possible without blinking! When your eyes get tired, simply close your eyes and relax for a minute. Notice if you still see the flame once your eyes are closed. Tell your friends how you feel.

Step 3. "I Am Strong" Floral Mandala Art Project: Gather nature items outside or buy some fresh flowers at the store. Find a brown paper grocery bag and cut a big circle shape out. Lay the nature out in a pretty patterned circle, using glue to get it to stick to the circle. Leave the center of the circle open and write "I Am Strong" in the center. Hang in your bedroom, bathroom, or by the front door for a daily reminder to be strong! When you are creating, allow your mind to “zone out” -

when this happens, creating art is a form of meditation and has positive, calming effects on your brain.

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