Hello from Ms. Nikki!

Hello! I'm starting this blog for everyone to keep up with my adventures in working toward spreading yoga and dance to children everywhere :) I've been up to some fun stuff lately! Here are a few peeks at blog posts to come soon...

  • Creating after school yoga and social emotional learning curriculum for California schools

  • Free at home color pages and activities relating to yoga, dance, mindfulness, meditation, etc.

  • My transition from #girlboss to #momboss with baby bella

  • New children's books on the way (Zen's bedtime routine, Grace puts on a performance, ABCs, and more)

  • Grace + Zen licensing opportunity - own a Grace + Zen mobile business in your town!

  • Recent trips to Santa Barbara and Ukiah to share after school curriculum

  • How yoga has helped me persevere through tough times

  • Creation of our mascots "Grace" and "Zen"

  • Create your own calm corner at home

  • Favorite student moments

Check back, and let me know what you want me to write about!

Lots of love,

Ms. Nikki

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